Friday, March 25, 2011

Weight Watchers didn't last long now on to the next thing...

So about 6 months ago I started Weight Watchers.  I lost 15 pounds on it and then that was the end of that.  The Holiday's came around and I always made up an excuse.  I refused to cancel my membership thinking seeing the $40 each month come out of the bank would somehow motivate me to return.  But that never happened.

I gained all the weight back and probably more.  I was storing for the winter but now the winter is over.  My cruise is coming up very quick, and I am a house!

My husband and I were driving around last night and for some reason he ended up driving around some stores that we never drive to.  Looking back, maybe this was his plan! ;)  And there it was!  Like a bright shinning light!  LUCILLE ROBERTS!  And in the window a big sign saying their sale was ending today.  I wanted to go in and just see if they offered babysitting.  I went in, took a tour and signed up:)  I got a great deal with no contract and the babysitting hours fit into my schedule.

I really hope I can stick with it this time.  I had a physical on Wednesday and everything looked good except my bad cholesterol is creeping up.  My Dr. said that if I start getting more active, this will really make a difference.  Thanks doc, I didn't know that;)

So, Monday will start Day 1 of Lucille Roberts.  Of course I can't start on a Friday or a weekend because it is just better to start fresh on a Monday.  Oh yay, this will really last;) 

Wish me luck!  "Just keep swimming!  Just keep swimming!" (Finding Nemo Quote)


ChristineR said...

Lots of luck!! I am starting my diet April 1st. This of course being my 8th try since January. I hope I stick to it. I lost 48lbs after the birth of my son last June since then I've gain at least 20lbs back. =( But I am determined. You will do great!!!

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