Friday, July 30, 2010

Recall! 44,000 Pacifiers

The U.S. Product and Safety commission and Antonio Flores have recalled Karino Baby Pacifiers because they fail to meet safety standards. The nipple can separate from the base easily. In addition, the handle is too long, the mouth guard is too small, and there is no ventilation around the mouth causing a choking hazard. 44,900 pacifiers have been recalled.

Karino is printed on the handle side of the mouth guard. Mygra is printed on the handle.

If you own one of these pacifiers, stop using the product and contact Antonio Flores immediately for a refund or exchange.

Antonio Flores: (619) 395-4543

Source: Modern Mom

Five Freaky, Family, Funny, or Fabulous Photo Friday...

Freaky, Family, Funny, or Fabulous, these photos will sure be one or all of that.

Every Friday I am going to share five random pictures that I have taken in the past years. Some with my Nikon SLR, my iPhone, or my Kodak. All different quality cameras but the subject is what means the most to me.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have had taking them:)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Southampton Chamber Presents Drive-In Movies At Coopers Beach - Southampton, NY -

Southampton Chamber Presents Drive-In Movies At Coopers Beach - Southampton, NY -

Southampton Chamber Presents Drive-In Movies At Coopers Beach
Rated Best Beach Number One in the USA
Southampton - Drive-in movies will be shown at Coopers Beach, 268 Meadow Lane, Southampton, NY 11968. Tickets will be available in advance at the Chamber office (76 Main Street, Southampton Village) and at the Gate the night of the movie.

The Goonies
Show Date: Monday August 2

Show Date: Monday, August 9

Donation $15 per person per car or $40 per car load for reserved parking for in-car viewing limited to 50 spots on a first come first serve basis (must have FM radio).

Gates open at 7 p.m. and the movie starts at dark. Hot dogs, hamburger "sliders", french fries, ice cream and assorted snacks available at Coopers Beach Café. Please no alcoholic beverages, coolers or food will be permitted upon entry.

All proceeds will benefit the Southampton Chamber Building Renovation Fund. Call 631-283-0402 for additional information.


Long Island Live Steamers, LI's Best Kept Secret

Long Island Live Steamers, Long Island's Best Kept Secret

My son loves anything Trains so when I heard about Long Island Live Steamers right in my own backyard, I was so excited!! We plan on going in August and can't wait. Here is some information on what they are all about and what they offer. Looks like so much fun. We can't wait to go:)

**Public Run days are usually scheduled for the second and last Sundays of the month from May through October**

About the Long Island Live Steamers

LONG ISLAND LIVE STEAMERS, INC. was founded in 1966 to preserve the fine art of precision steam model making. While our outdoor tracks, and the trains that run on them, may represent our most visible activity, our members also build scale model steam boilers, engines, boats, and tractors, as well as fully functional railroad models. Very few of our members are professional machinists, most are hobbyists, some have small basement shops, while others have no shops or projects. The uniting interest lies in steam power, railroads, and having fun.

The club site is located in Southaven (Suffolk) County Park, which is near William Floyd Parkway and Sunrise Highway. The county has made available about 8.5 acres of land on which our railroad operates. We have a recently expanded elevated railroad for 3/4" and 1" scale trains with more than 1250' track and a 4600' Groundline right of way for 1 1/2" scale trains. In fulfillment of the public trust use of park land, Long Island Live Steamers hosts visitor rides on our Public Run Days scheduled for the second and last Sundays of each month from the middle of May through the end of October.

The engines and rolling stock you will enjoy on any given Public Run Day can be a mixture of member owned and club owned equipment. But, on Meet Days, members of other Railroading Clubs throughout the country bring their consists along to run on our tracks. So, while a single visit to Long Island Live Steamers can be a huge amount of outdoor and nostalgic fun, regular visits are practically mandatory for complete enjoyment of what LILS has to offer. Better yet, a membership gives you a great excuse and special access to come and be part of railroad history and remembrance on a regular basis.

We believe that we have one of the finest tracks in the country (we are only a little bit prejudiced!), and if you would like to join us as a member click on the Member Crossing Signal at the top Right of this page, or better yet, come down to the park on a Run Day or any other scheduled event and submit your application in person. We welcome your participation in our club.

Source: Long Island Steamers

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spa Week $50 Gift Card Giveaway!!**CLOSED**

Who doesn't like going to the spa and getting pampered!?! Especially Busy Mom's! I love going to get a facial or a spa pedicure!! HEAVEN!

Visit the website to see what kind of services and what spa's near you participate!

Here is your chance to get a $50 Spa Week Gift Card. THEY NEVER EXPIRE!!

Upcoming Fall Spa Week: September 13-19, 2010 for the West Coast & Chicago
October 11-17, 2010 for the East Coast, Midwest & Canada

**All during Spa Week there are special $50 Spa Treatments!!**

Here is how the Gift Card Works:

Spa Week Gift Cards can be redeemed at over 700 spas across North America and never expire.

Select your state from the list to view the spas in your area that proudly accept the Spa Week Gift Card.*

Book your treatment by calling the spa directly. Be sure to tell them that you will be using a Spa Week Gift Card.

Present your Spa Week Gift Card upon check in. If you do not spend the full amount, you will receive credit from the spa for a future visit. Please note that each card can only be used at one spa. Any remaining balance on the card will become a credit at that spa.


**Disclaimer: This Giveaway is not sponsored by Spa I am donating this Gift Card myself to my readers:) Giveaway valid in the US & Canada Only! **

How to win it...

Contest starts July 27th, 2010 & ends 11:59 pm EST. Aug. 15th, 2010.

**Leave a Comment for each entry please. And leave an email address so if you are chosen, I can email you.

1. You get 1 entry for following me on twitter– @longislandmomx2 - leave a comment

2. You get 1 entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this twice daily). Must contain the following information: @longislandmomx2 - leave a comment with the link to your twitter message.

Example 1: I want to win a $50 Spa Week Gift Card from @longislandmomx2 -

3. You get 1 entry for joining my Google Friend Connect - right side of page - leave a comment

4. You get 1 entry for commenting on another post or entering another contest - leave a comment.

5. You get 1 entry for "liking" Long Island Mom x 2 on Facebook - leave a comment that you "like" me:)

**You will have 48 hours to reply before we pick another winner! Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.**

Car A/C can cause cancer??? | Mommy's Quiet Time

Car A/C can cause cancer??? Mommy's Quiet Time

My car book says to roll down the windows to let out all the hot air before turning on A/C.

WHY ???????????

Car Air-conditioning -
No wonder more folks are dying from cancer than ever before. We wonder where this stuff comes from but here is an example that explains a lot of the cancer causing incidents.

Many people are in their cars first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, 7 days a week.

As I read this, it makes me feel guilty and ill. Please pass this on to as many people as possible. Guess its not too late to make some changes.

Please do NOT turn on A/C as soon as you enter the car.

Open the windows after you enter your car and then turn ON the AC after a couple of minutes.

Here’s why: According to research, the car dashboard, seats, air freshener emit Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin (carcinogen – take time to observe the smell of heated plastic in your car).

In addition to causing cancer, Benzene poisons your bones, causes anemia and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer. Can also cause miscarriage.

Acceptable Benzene level indoors is 50mg per sq.ft. A car parked indoors with windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene.

If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level.

People who get into the car, keeping windows closed will inevitably inhale, in quick succession, excessive amounts of the toxin.

Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver.. What’s worse, it is extremely difficult for your body to expel this toxic stuff.

So friends, please open the windows and door of your car – give time for interior to air out -dispel the deadly stuff – before you enter.

Thought: ‘When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.’

This is what says. It is not the air conditioning in the car but the Benzene producing agents that cause cancer.

So please spread this link and share it with others OR copy and paste it into emails and send it to your family and friends.

Source: crocs Toddler/Little Kid Blitzen Clog: Baby crocs Toddler/Little Kid Blitzen Clog: Baby

ON SALE FROM $29.95 to $11.89

Product Description
Your little one will love crocs even more in this comfier, cool-weather version. The Blitzen clog takes seasonality out of the picture so he or she can have a favorite pair of crocs year-round. It's fully lined with comfy fleece that'll hug every curve of the foot. Now that's pure satisfaction!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Stach School History

As the new school year is fast approaching I reflect back on Pioneer Days and the stories told to me by my Grandmother who's father was John Stach, my great grandfather. He donated land and helped build the one of the first one-room school houses in Kansas, "Stach School". It has since been moved and was donated by my family to the Kansas Historical Society. How different times were then. It is amazing how things change and how a one room school has now changed into multiple schools, multiple rooms, indoor bathrooms:), pools, planetariums and the such. How simple things were...

Now children from area schools visit the school and spend the day reenacting how things were. They dress like pioneers and are schooled like children were back then. It is so nice to know that the school is being preserved and one day I can take my own children there.

Here is a little history about the "Stach School"

Stach School History

The one-room school was built in 1877 east of Delia in rural Jackson County to educate the children of Czech immigrants who had settled there in the 1870s from the provinces of Bohemia and Moravia. The school was named for John Stach, a Moravian who donated an acre of land for the site.

About 1915 the belfry, porch and cloak room were added to the school. Over the years enrollment gradually dwindled and classes eventually ended in April 1956. The building continued to serve residents as a meeting place, and in 1966 a group known as the Stach Community Center acquired title from the school district. In the 78 years the school was open, 560 to 650 students attended Stach School District $59.

In 1983 the Stach School was purchased at auction and donated to the Historical Society by Bernice Stach Douglas and family. The building was moved to the museum grounds in October 1984. In 1986 the Woman's Kansas Day Club provided supplemental funds to restore the building. The interior and exterior of the building have since been faithfully restored to its 1910-1920 appearance.

The purpose of the Stach School as a museum facility is to allow the public to experience an environment similar to that in which many Kansans, from the last half of the 19th century into the early 20th century, received their basic education. Although each of the thousands of one-room schools was in some aspect unique, most, including the Stach School, were very similar in architecture, governance, and curriculum. Teachers, pupils, and rural communities, while not by any means interchangeable, shared a common set of assumptions about education and methods of operations during the years of country school ascendance. The interpretation at the Stach Shool focuses on the decade 1910-1020, which was a time before consolidation began to significantly influence the network of small, independent school districts.

Two programs, a tour and the Rural School Days program, are currently in operation at the school. The Rural School Days program is offered to fourth- and fifth-grade students year round. The four-hour, living history program provides students with an opportunity to experience attending a rural school in 1920. A one-hour program also is available. A historical dramatization, "I Have Stood at the open Door," was offered in 1989 and 1990. A one-hour video program is available for loan or purchase.

Source: Kansas Historical Society

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vtech Mobigo GIVEAWAY!!!! | Mommy's Quiet Time

Vtech Mobigo GIVEAWAY!!!! Mommy's Quiet Time: "“Vtech Mobigo Giveaway at Mommy’s Quiet Time! An awesome, educational, fun, touch screen, full keyboard game for kids from Vtech! Downloadable games straight from your computer to your child’s Mobigo! Great learning tools such as numbers, letters, phonics, problem solving and more! For kids ages 3-8. Only $59.99!!! Win yours today on Mommy’s Quiet Time! Contest ends July 28th. This contest is open to US residents only.”"

Friday, July 23, 2010

East End GreenFest July 24-25, 2010 Mattituck, Long Island

East End GreenFest July 24-25, 2010 Mattituck, Long Island

July 24-25, 2010
10 am 'til Dusk
Strawberry Fields Fairgrounds
Mattituck, Long Island

Solar Powered WIFI too!

Come share a day with others in our community who care about our environment.

At The East End GreenFest enjoy the beautiful North Fork of Long Island and find solutions for clean living, including:

Renewable Energy

Organic and Natural Products

Natural Health and Beauty

Green Building

Green Living


Green Kids

Green Transportation

Earth Friendly Fashion

Waste Reduction

Associations and Non-Profits

And Much, Much, More!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

What screams summer more then S'mores!!

Why did we buy a fire pit for the backyard? Warmth? Ambiance? Nope! S'mores is why!! My son and I love making S'mores!!! After a bad day or a great day nothing tops it off better then a good ole' fashioned S'mores session:)

Instantly Win One Of Over 1,000 Prizes By Visiting

Disclosure: I am entering a contest for a S’mores prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

Half Price Admission for Kids today through Sunday with online coupon! FREE Parking!

There are bouncers for all ages and both water and dry bouncers are available.
We suggest that all riders wear socks on our dry bouncers. Bathing suits are recommended on our water bouncers. We do not have designated changing areas
so we recommend you wear your bathing suits when you come to the farm.

Your paid admission for our Bouncer Weekends includes:
- FREE photo opportunities with Character Appearances when scheduled**
- Unlimited use of our Bouncer Playgrounds
- Our "Singing Chicken Show"
- Our All New "Animal Band Jamboree Show"
- Use of our picnic areas and Playground/Giant Sandbox
- Our Petting Zoo

Source: White Post

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nassau Confirms NY’s 1st West Nile Case in Human of ‘10 | What you can do to protect yourself!

Nassau Confirms NY’s 1st West Nile Case in Human of ‘10 | Long Island Press

The first case of West Nile virus (WNV) in a human of the year in New York State has been confirmed on Long Island, Nassau County health officials announced Tuesday.

A 66-year-old New Hyde Park woman reportedly is suffering from symptoms that include a headache, weakness, fever and blurry vision. She became ill on July 5, and is resting at home, officials said.

About one in 150 people infected with WNV will develop severe illness. Severe symptoms can include high fever, headache, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness, vision loss, numbness and paralysis. Symptoms may last several weeks, and neurological effects may be permanent.

Up to 20 percent of the people who become infected have symptoms such as fever, headache, and body aches, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes swollen lymph glands or a skin rash on the chest, stomach and back. Symptoms can last for as short as a few days, though even healthy people have become sick for several weeks.

Seven mosquito pools have tested positive for WNV in Nassau County this year. Nassau County is now making preparations for possible ground spraying in targeted areas.

In Suffolk County, three mosquito pools have tested positive for WNV since July 2 and the county began spraying in late June.

The primary carrier of WNV in Nassau County is Culex pipiens-restuans, or “the house mosquito” which does not fly more than 200 feet from its breeding site. Residents are urged to continue to take the following precautions for safety and protection:

–Remove or empty standing water from children’s outdoor toys, flower pots, garbage cans, pails, old tires, or any object that can hold water.

–Make sure roof gutters drain properly; clean clogged gutters in the spring and fall.

–Keep swimming pools chlorinated and their covers free of stagnant water.

–Change the water in birdbaths every two or three days.

–Install window and door screens and keep them in good repair.

–Consider wearing long sleeves, pants, socks and mosquito repellent (according to directions) if outdoors when mosquitoes are active, especially in the late afternoon and evening hours.

–Decorative ponds and water features should be circulated or chlorinated if they do not contain fish to prevent mosquito breeding.

For mosquito, stagnant water, or drainage problems, call the Nassau County Department of Public Works at: 516-572-1166, weekdays from 7:45 am to 3:30 pm.

For additional information on West Nile virus activity, contact the Nassau County Department of Health at: 516-227-9700. Additional West Nile virus information may be found on the Nassau County Department of Health website at

Source: Long Island

Harbes Farm & Vineyard - 6th Annual Sweet Corn Festival- July 24 & 25

Harbes Farm & Vineyard

Mark your calendar! Bring the entire family to experience country foods & fun at Harbes Family Farm & Vineyard’s 6th Annual Sweet Corn Festival . Come enjoy hot buttered sweet corn served fresh on the cob. A wide variety of activities are available, making this a simply 'Ear-resistible' day for corny country fun!

Location: Mattituck Farm & Vineyard (715 Sound Avenue Mattituck NY 11952)
Click here for directions

Dates: July 24 & 25

Time: 11-5 pm


•Live Music
•Wine Tasting
•Corn & Pie Eating Contests
•Fun & Games (sack races, tug-of-war, and more!)
•Pony Rides ($5)
•Gemstone Mining
•Tasty Treats from our Country Cafe & Bakery (Roasted Corn, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade specialties)
•Hayrides & Mini-Train Rides ($) subject to availability
•Barnyard Adventure (admission required)
◦Farm Animal Exhibits
◦NEW Hedge Maze
◦Pedal Cart Track
◦Mini Train Ride
◦Corn Crib
◦Lil Farmer's Playland
◦Egg Hatchery
◦Honey Bee Observatory Museum
◦Play Areas
◦Corn Toss, Games & More

Rates: Free admission to the farm. Free Parking.

Barnyard Admission & Activity Rates- click here

Source: Harbes Family Farm

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Suzi Shelton Award Winning CD Giveaway!! CLOSED!


True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 3
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

About Suzi Shelton & Suzi's Fantastic CD "No Ordinary Day":

Suzi Shelton is riding on the crest of the "kindie rock" phenomenon with catchy tunes and hip musical sensibilities and is a rising star in the children's music scene. With awards from Parents' Choice, the Children's Music Web, iParenting Media and a 2007 Gold Award from National Parenting Publications, Suzi is gaining national acclaim.

No Ordinary Day, produced by Dan Siegler, is a new collection of playful pop-rock tunes reflecting Suzi's insightful songwriting and her band's sonic sophistication, with funky and uptempo rhythms and electronic flourishes.

1. Lift Me Up

2. Goin' On A Road Trip

3. Mama's House, Daddy's House

4. No Ordinary Day

5. Star

6. Brighter Days

7. Scooter Boy

8. Man Gave Names To All The Animals

9. Man Gave Names (outro)

10. Jump!

11. Fill Your Heart

12. My Favorite Moon

13. Makes Me So Happy


How to win it...

Contest starts July 18th, 2010 & ends 11:59 pm EST. Aug 2nd, 2010.

Leave a Comment for each entry

1. You get 1 entry for following me on twitter– - leave a comment

2. You get 1 entry for following Suzi Shelton on twitter– - leave a comment

3. You get 1 entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information: @suzishelton & @longislandmomx2 - leave a comment with the link to your twitter message.

Example 1: I want to win a @suzishelton CD from @longislandmomx2 –

4. You get 1 entry for "liking" Suzi Shelton on facebook– - leave a comment

5. You get 1 entry for joining my Google Friend Connect - right side of page - leave a comment

You will have 48 hours to reply before we pick another winner! Winner will be chosen by

Disclaimer: CD for this raffle is provided by Suzi Shelton.

National Ice Cream Day 2010: Happy National Ice Cream Day! | Long Island Press

National Ice Cream Day: Baskin Robbins Gets New Flavors

Because all good things must come to an end, Baskin Robbins is kicking some of its famous flavors to the curb: Caramel Praline Cheesecake, Campfire S’Mores, Apple Pie a la Mode, Superfudge Truffle, and French Vanilla. But the good news is: out with the old means in with the new.

On this year’s National Ice Cream Day, Baskin Robbins will introduce the world to the new replacement flavors. But as we wait, let us pay our final respects:

■French Vanilla (1945), one of the first flavors launched by Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin, a classic rich vanilla ice cream made with egg yolks.
■Caramel Praline Cheesecake (1970), vanilla cheesecake ice cream swirled with a caramel ribbon and pralined pecans.
■Campfire S’mores (1975), milk chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow ribbon and crunchy graham cracker bits.
■Apple Pie a La Mode (1976), vanilla ice cream with real apple, crunchy pie crust and a caramel cinnamon crème ribbon.
■Superfudge Truffle (2007), decadent chocolate fudge ice cream with chunks of chocolate ganache and toffee truffle pieces.
These flavors are still available, but only until supplies run out. So, what flavor do you want to see added to the Baskin Robbins empire?

Source Long Island Press

Friday, July 16, 2010 Kids Bowl Free All Summer Long! Kids Bowl Free All Summer Long!

Select bowling centers and schools around the country are participating in the first ever “Kids Bowl Free” program. This program is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun way for kids to spend time this summer.

Children whose age does not exceed a limit by a participating bowling center are eligible to register for 2 free games a day, all summer long, courtesy of the particpating bowling centers along with the schools and organizations.

Visit for more information!

Every Tuesday – Family Friendly Free Summer Concerts at Jones Beach – July 2010

Every Tuesday – Family Friendly Free Summer Concerts at Jones Beach – July 2010

Have you had a chance to enjoy the Free Summer Concert Series at the Jones Beach Boardwalk yet? Every single evening this summer, you can head over to Jones Beach and enjoy tunes with a different theme every night! You can park at Field 4, and it’s free parking after 6pm! Shows begin at 7:30 every night.

Every Tuesday night is Family Night at the Jones Beach Boardwalk. So head on over, bring a beach chair, some drinks and snack, and rock out with the family with the fresh sea breeze right behind you.

Remaining July 2010 Family Friendly Performances

•Tuesday, July 20, 2010 – Z Brothers
•Tuesday, July 27, 2010 – Nicoletta




Suzi Shelton's Music has been awarded many awards. Her album "Simply Suzi" won the 2006 Parent's Choice Award, Children's Music Web Award, and iParenting Media Award. Her music is so easy to tap your fingers too! The kids loved her as soon as they heard her CD. Her songs are so catchy and wholesome! One of the best children's singers around. You must check her out!!

Suzi Shelton will be Playing:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday August 19th, 20th, and 21st

Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater
presents Suzi Shelton

Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater
Rt. 114; East Union St.
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
tickets: $10 for everyone, $9 for Grandparents and members
$5 for children under three years
(631) 725-4193

Suzi is so excited to return to The Goat along with Albert Elias, Sebastian and Emma Rose. See you there - and then meet you at the beach after the show!

Link to Suzi Shelton

Link to Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater

Link to Suzi Shelton on iTunes

Link to buy her Music Online

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to delete programs you no longer need: Do a clean sweep

Like many mothers, Andrea Grace will sit down at her PC to check email, only to find that her kids—Jason, 8, and Rachel, 10—have installed some new programs. "Between those CD-ROM games found in cereal boxes and downloaded Neopets, there are now icons all over the place," says Grace. "And of course they don't play half the games. If I ran out of space (on my PC), I wouldn't know how to delete them," she admits.

Grace isn't alone—it’s easy to fill space on a PC’s hard disk with games and other programs we no longer need. In fact, some technology analysts believe that we use less than 10 percent of the programs installed on our computers.

The following instructions describes how to safely—and easily—remove old or unused programs and files from your Windows-based computer.

If you are looking for information on how to eliminate all of the personal files from your computer—before you resell it for example—the directions in our article, Protect and purge your personal files, are sure to help. If you want to make sure that your computer is clean in the “free of viruses and malicious software” sense of the word, the tools available in this guide on the Microsoft Security website are a great place to start.

Decide which programs to purge
The first step is to decide which programs you no longer need. You may want to keep only the programs you use regularly. For example, has it been a year since your child touched that action game? Chances are you still have the original CDs anyway (if you want to reinstall it later), so perhaps it's time to wipe it off the hard disk.

If you don't know the purpose of a program that's on your hard drive, you can always use your favorite search engine (for example, Bing) to see what it is. For example, if you don't plan to buy a camcorder, remove any preinstalled video-editing software that may have come bundled on your PC.

If it helps, make a list of programs you want to keep and others you can do away with or store on disk.


Delete unused programs, starting from the Start menu
While deleting programs is easy, many novice computer users believe they can be removed by simply deleting the program’s icon from the desktop. This method doesn’t work because the icon is only a shortcut to the real program, which consists of many files.

You can uninstall programs from your computer by using one of two methods, both located on the Start menu.

Uninstall from the All Programs list
Click the Start menu, and then click All Programs (or Program Files), to see a list of programs installed on your computer. Programs installed as part of a program group are identified by a folder icon in the list. When you click the program group, you will usually see an option that enables you to remove or uninstall the program. Click this option, and follow the onscreen wizard to safely remove the program from your PC. You may be asked to restart your computer. Only click to restart after you save any files that are open.

Uninstall from Control Panel
Some programs don’t give you the option to uninstall them from a program group. No problem. In these cases, here’s what you do.

1.On the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then under Programs, do the following:

◦Windows 7 and Windows Vista users: Click Uninstall a Program.

◦Windows XP users: Click Add or Remove Programs.

It may take a few seconds for this page to open, but when it appears, you’ll see a long alphabetical list of installed programs.

2.When you see the name of a program you no longer want on your hard disk, click it, and then do the following:

◦Windows 7 and Windows Vista users: Click Uninstall.

◦Windows XP users: Click the tab to the right of the program, which says Remove or Change/Remove.

3.Follow the prompts. A progress bar shows you how long it will take to safely remove the program. When it's finished, you will see the list again.

Go through the list, but leave those programs that you are unsure of. And don’t remove a program group if you use one of the programs. For example, if you use Microsoft Word, so don’t uninstall Microsoft Office because Word is part of it.

When you uninstall a program, you may also get a message that says that uninstalling the program may remove a file that is shared by another program. To be safe, keep these suggested files on your PC (they shouldn't take up much room on your hard disk, anyway). When you uninstall a game, the program may ask if you want to keep saved game files (that is, a bookmark of your progress). If you think that you will reinstall and play this game again, you can choose to keep these files.

Quick tip:
Your PC automatically creates restore points while you use your computer. That way, if you accidentally delete a program that you want to keep, you can restore your PC back to an earlier time to get the program back. To restore, on the Start menu, click All Programs (or Program Files), click Accessories, and then click System Tools. Click System Restore, and the program will guide you through the steps.


Deleting files
This article focuses on uninstalling entire programs, but it's even easier to delete individual files. If your musical tastes have changed since you went through that country-and-western stage, you can easily delete downloaded MP3 files, or at least burn them to a CD to free space on your PC.

Once you're inside (My) Computer or Windows Explorer, simply highlight the files that you no longer want on your hard disk and press the DELETE key, or right-click the file name, and select Delete. This will send all your unwanted files to the Recycle Bin for safekeeping—until you're sure that you no longer want them. To free space on your computer, you’ll need to empty the Recycle Bin periodically. To empty the Recycle Bin, right-click the icon on your desktop, and click Empty Recycle Bin.

Quick tips:
If you’ve downloaded a .zip or .exe file from the Web, and then installed the program on your hard disk, you can delete the original file.

And here’s a final tip for keeping your computer lean. If you want to free even more room on your hard disk, get rid of the temporary files that your computer amasses over time. Go to Computer (or My Computer) or Windows Explorer, and right-click the letter associated with your hard disk (usually C:). Click Properties, and then click Disk Cleanup. For more information, read Optimize your computer for peak performance.

How to delete programs you no longer need: Do a clean sweep:

Marc Saltzman
Marc Saltzman is a prolific freelance journalist, author, and radio and TV host. He specializes in video gaming, consumer electronics, computer software and hardware, portable devices, and Internet trends. Along with his weekly syndicated columns with Gannett News Service,,, and CanWest Media, Marc currently contributes to more than 40 prominent publications, such as USA Today, AARP - The Magazine, LA Times, National Post, Microsoft Home Magazine, PC Gamer, and Electronic Gaming Monthly. Marc has authored 12 books and is a regular on-air technology expert on "Next @ CNN," an award-winning tech show seen on CNN and its affiliates.

Great Dino Roar July 14th, 2010 NYC!!

Calling all NYC dinosaur fans to join the baby Tyrannosaurus Rex from ‘WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Arena Spectacular to attempt to break a world record for ‘loudest dinosaur roar' by an outdoor crowd. As a special incentive, the first 50 people who arrive to participate will receive a free ticket to an upcoming show.

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Arena Spectacular is a theatrical production, based on the award-winning BBC Television series that follows the journey of 17 roaring, snarling “live” awe-inspiring dinosaurs when they first walked on earth 200 million years ago. The show returns to Madison Square Garden arena from July 21-25 with 12 performances only. Get tickets by calling 866.858.0008 or at

Walking with Dinosaurs Record Breaking Attempt
Wednesday, 7/14

Monday, July 12, 2010

What have you won from Twitter or Blog Contests/Giveaways?

I am a new blog and looking to start some contests or giveaways. I was just curious too see what others have won on Twitter or Blogs or even Facebook. And also what was your favorite giveaway even if you didn't win.

Thank you so much for your help:)

Please leave a comment below and if you have time, please join my Google Friend Connect:)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Valley Stream Toys R Us/Babies R Us Grand Reopening with Character Appearances!

New look for Valley Stream Toys R Us - - Nassau County's source for local news, breaking news, sports, entertainment & shopping

Sunday June 11th from 11-1 and 2-4 Character Appearances.

Funshine Bear, Geoffrey, Martha Speaks, Plex, and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Also receive a FREE BACKPACK when entering the store.

**Advice** Park right away in the parking lot near Casual Male XL. It will save you a lot of aggravation!

Here is a coupon for $5 off $25
Toys R Us/Babies R Us Printable Coupon


Long Island Parent Magazine serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties New York: "SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS BIRTHDAY. BounceU Farmingdale, 101 Carolyn Blvd. (Just off Rte. 110), Farmingdale. 631-777-JUMP (5867). 5 – 7 pm. For families. Fee: Call for fee. Bring the whole family down to our fabulously famous Family Bounce Night and celebrate with a special guest who “lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea.” Don’t miss out on this awesome event!! Call to reserve your spot today, as space is limited!!"

Long Island Parent Magazine Hosts Mad Science at Massapequa Mall Sun. July 11th at noon - Event is FREE

Long Island Parent Magazine serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties New York: "LONG ISLAND PARENT FAMILY FUN DAYS AT THE MALL. Westfield Sunrise Mall, in Massapequa. 516-795-6386. Noon. Free.We’ve partnered with the Westfield Sunrise Mall in Massapequa to offer our readers and others one day a month with free family-friendly entertainment. This month enjoy the 'Marvels of Motion' with the Mad Science scientists in a special hour-long show. For scientists young and old, learn the laws of motion in a demonstration of gravity, centrifugal force, inertia and more. Then we'll harness the power of these forces to create astonishing jetpacks and even a rocket-propelled car. Arrive on time for an hour-long show."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Review of Nassau Chemists' Diaper Comfort Cream...

A few months ago when the warm weather started I was so excited to see a popular diaper company come out with fashionable diapers. I thought that they would be so cute in the summer when we around the house or when my daughter, 17 months, wears a little dress. Great, good, I go buy them with my coupons and so excited that I get them on sale.

I put them on my daughter a few times here and there and not for long periods of time. One day we had to go to the stores and she had one on for awhile. Long story short, she got a chemical burn from them. You could actually see the outline of the diaper burned on her little skin:( This is very rare I was told by the company, so I was fully reimbursed.

But in the meantime, my daughter was in excruciating pain!! I had to give her Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling and tried every cream I could get my hands on in the stores and even one prescribed to her. Nothing was working. She wouldn't sleep, sometimes she would just stand there because the pain was so bad. I felt awful.

I was doing a search on a parenting website I frequent and someone suggested a diaper cream called Diaper Comfort made by Nassau Chemists' in Baldwin, NY. It worked for her daughter when she got a chemical burn from another well known diaper company so it was worth a shot.

I called the number and the man that makes the cream and invented it answered the phone and took my order. Such a nice man. He explained to me that he made it for his children 42 years ago and now he has 5 grandchildren that also used the cream. He has shipped it all over the world including Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Germany, Great Britain, South America and of course the US.

I received it a few days later and within 2 days, the burn was cleared!!! I was told to put it on thick until it goes away and then everyday apply a thinner layer to protect her skin. I was so happy!! Thank goodness I bought 2 jars:) Unfortunately she has a scar where the burn was but at least the pain and swelling went away fast thanks to this miracle cream. It is a nice thick consitency and goes on so smooth.

Here are a few facts about Diaper Comfort:

-Cortisone Free
-Preservative Free
-Fragrance Free
-Zinc Oxide is the main ingredient
-Magic Barrier Ointment Base

Diaper Comfort costs $12 for a 2 1/3 oz jar. It can be ordered several ways. Visit their website for more information. Diaper Comfort or contact Nassau Chemists' at (516) 223-3333.

Give it a try. You won't be sorry:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Be safe and responsible! Don't Drink & Drive!!