About Me

Hi:) Bon Bini:) Caio:)

My name is Allison and I live on Long Island with my husband and my 2 wonderful children and currently pregnant with #3.  I am a WAHM for the family business. I love following blogs and learning about all the exciting things to do on LI, NYC and beyond! I also love to review new and old products.

My hobbies are photography, getting a good deal, and web surfing.

I also have another passion, I went on a mission in February of 2010 to Save NY State Parks.  I started a Facebook Page that now has almost 10,000 followers and because of everyone's efforts, we were able to keep our Parks open!

Here is the Facebook Page for "SAVE LONG ISLAND PARKS!!!" 

I hope you all will enjoy my blog as you travel along with me on my mommy journey. Along the way I will share my funny, loving, and embarrassing stories. I will also share any LI deals or steals I come across and any cool things to do in the area or surrounding areas.

Long Island Mom x 2 is PR Friendly. Just email me about your product and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank You For Visiting:)

AKA Long Island Mom x 2