Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cast Coming Off Countdown = 1 more day!!

A little back story. 

In February, 6 weeks ago my 2 year old daughter was playing on a child size recliner we have.  She went to get off and it opened up.  Her leg got caught in it and she fell forward.  We rushed her to the Emergency Room, they took x-rays and put an ace bandage on it.  The ER Doctor told us it was a small sprain and to let her walk around like normal.  Awesome!

Fast forward 2 weeks and she seems to be getting worse and I have gone through a bottle of Ibuprofen for her because of the pain especially at night.  I take her to our Pediatrician.  He right away told us that something isn't right, kids heal very quickly.  He called up an excellent Pediatric Orthopedist and they wanted us over right away.

After a few x-rays the Doctor comes in and says it is broken! She has a Toddler Fracture of the Tibia.  He said it is very common for it not to be seen right away on x-rays and then it show up a few weeks later.  Poor little girl was walking around on a broken Tibia for 2 weeks. 

We picked out her color for her cast and 15 minutes later, she was casted from hip to toe for 4 weeks!  The Orthopedist said not to let her walk on it.  Do you know how hard it is to keep a 2 year old from walking for 4 weeks??!!??  Hard.  She can't go up the stairs, play outside or even take a bath.  Or forget all that walk!  But my sweet girl is still as happy as ever!  It never affected her mood at all and I am so proud of her.  Me on the other hand, ugh!  I am exhausted.  That cast is heavy.

So everyone please, please pray that at her last appointment tomorrow,this cast will definetly come off!!  She can handle it but I can't;)

*The recliner is now in the basement under lock and key and will be bolted closed*


Doodle741 said...

POOR BABY!! I can't imagine not allowing my 2 year old to walk for FOUR weeks! :(

I hope, for your sake, that the cast comes off tomorrow!

Good luck!

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