Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maid Brigade Tips on Easy Spring Cleaning & Giveaway...CLOSED

In honor of Earth Day, Maid Brigade Suffolk County, the only Green Clean certified housecleaning company in the area is giving away a 2 hour priority cleaning - 2 maids for 2 hours (the homeowner can pick the chores). In addition, Robert LoFranco, owner of Maid Brigade Suffolk County has several easy spring cleaning tips to share. 

Easy Changes To Create a Sustainable Home 
Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to jump-start a personal campaign to kick the chemical habit and create a sustainable home. Protecting the environment inside the home is a vital step in preserving the health and wellness of today's families and the environment as a whole.
Why Green Cleaning? If harsh chemicals are removing dirt, grime, dust and germs from your home, what is removing the harsh chemicals?

Sufficient scientific evidence links chemicals in traditional house cleaning products to various health problems from the chronic to acute, and barely detectable to debilitating. Children, the elderly and pets are especially susceptible to the risks posed by chemicals in house cleaning products.  People are taking note and beginning to demand green house cleaning products that are safer yet still effective.
10 Green Spring Cleaning tips from Robert LoFranco, Maid Brigade Suffolk County
1.            Get rid of baggage. Try on clothes that are not worn frequently. Get rid of anything that does not look good, fit or hasn't been worn in a while. Donate these clothes, give them to a friend, turn them into rags, or sell them for some extra cash.
2.            Out of sight, out of mind.  Moving household items to the basement or attic is an easy way to put clutter out of sight and therefore, out of mind. For a deep home cleaning, attack these piles one at a time and enjoy tidy storage areas once and for all.
3.            Chill out. Clear the top of the refrigerator.  Piled up cereal boxes and kitchenware prevents heat from venting properly and causes the fridge to use extra energy. Cleaning the coils on the back of the fridge and the grill underneath will also reduce the energy the fridge needs to work properly.
4.            What's cooking? To clean oven surfaces, coat them in a paste of water and baking or washing soda and let stand overnight. Then, scrub off the paste while wearing gloves.
5.            Broom makeover. Many house cleaning services will cover broom bristles with old nylons to sweep dusty areas. Why? The nylon will pick up dust bunnies instead of scattering them.
6.            Switch your sheets. Polyester/cotton and permanent press cotton sheets are treated with a formaldehyde finish, which cannot be washed out. Common symptoms from this immunotoxicant include runny nose, itchy eyes, and other cold and flu symptoms. Avoid these blends as often as possible.
7.            Let the sun shine in. When reorganizing a home office, library, or other rooms where studying or reading takes place, set up desks, chairs and tables by a window that receives ample natural sunlight. This will reduce the need to turn on overhead lights.
8.            Leave shoes at the door. Asphalt, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals often get stuck to the soles of shoes. Wearing shoes inside means exposing children and pets to harmful chemicals. To avoid more house cleaning than is necessary, make one simple rule and stick to it:  No shoes in the house!
9.            Smell the roses.  Avoid air fresheners. An open box of baking soda removes odors. Cedar blocks or sachets of dried flowers and herbs provide gentle scents, but avoid any potpourri that lists unspecified "fragrance" on the label.
10.            Spin cycle. To remove stains from clothing (especially salt-stained winter wear), soak fabrics in water mixed with borax, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, washing soda, or white vinegar for a natural approach.

How to win it: 
Contest will run from April 13th 2011 until 11:59 p.m. EST  April 27th, 2011.

*Open to Suffolk County, NY Residents Only*


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*These tips and giveaway was given to a reader from Maid Brigade of Suffolk County.  I was not compensated in any way* 
*Winner will be chosen via and have 48 hours to contact me*


Meghan said...

I would love to win this contest b/c I am pregnant, due in October, and my family all lives OOS. They will be visiting a lot soon, and I need to get my house in shape, while still working full time and dealing with nausea and exhaustion. Thanks!!!!!

Meghan said...

I follow your blog on google friend connect. Thanks!

jamie said...

I would love to win this because I work to hard and have 2 kids and husband that is not home at night, so I try to cram too much into the weekends and cleaning often takes a backseat to soccer, dance and other things. I would hope this might motivate my husband to get me the help I need.

Melissa said...

I would like to win because I am 33 weeks pregnant with my third child. I also work two jobs as a physical therapist and must juggle the schedule of my two kids. My husband works full time and is back in school so most housework falls on me. I enjoy cleaning, but it would be a nice treat to have someone else do it for me! If I like it maybe we would continue withthe service...thanks :)

Brianne said...

I would love to win this contest because I am allergic to so many cleaning supplies that cause me to have trouble breathing and break out in hives. With three small daughters and working full time, its not easy to have to worry about taking medication just to clean my house. What a treat it would be to have someone clean my house with only green products:) thank you, Brianne

DonnaZ said...

I would love to win this contest because With 3 kids 3 and under, there is simply not enough time in my day to clean this house, and this would be the ultimate in help for me!

DonnaZ said...

I liked your blog on Facebook!

DonnaZ said...

i'm following you on google friend connect

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