Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gogo's Crazy Bones Review...

A little background and facts about Gogo's Crazy Bones before I tell you about our experience with them. 

  • Gogo's Crazy Bones were inspired by an Ancient Greek game called Knucklebones.
  • Series 1 was released in North America in 2011, consisting of 80 different characters and each available in 5 colors.
  • Gogo's are not only a cool toy to collect but they are also great for educational purposes!  They can aide in counting, colors, and social skills.
  • Gogo's are sold in the US in packets of three, five, and six and also in collector's tins.  Each Gogo comes with a sticker.
  • The most popular Gogo is called Mosh.
  • The Most Wanted Gogo's are: Angiru, Ichiro, Hiraku, Fist and B-Boy.
  • Gogo's was named Collectable Toy of the Year at the BYHA toy Industry Awards in 2009.
  • Over 310,000,000 Gogo's have already been sold worldwide.

Now, onto my review of Gogo's.  They are very cool!  Both of my children love them!  My 4 1/2 year old went crazy opening them all up to see who we got and had so much fun matching them up with the poster we received.  We never saw them before except on a commercial so we had no idea what to expect.  I thought they were rubber but they are a very hard plastic type material.  And they are a little bigger then I thought they would be!  Gogo's are intended for ages 4 and up because they are small but I supervised play with my 2 year old daughter and she loved them just as much as my son.

After opening them up and matching them to the poster, we then went to the sticker book that you can also purchase and matched up the stickers with the book.  It is so cool to see all the different designs and how crazy some of them are.  We love the crazy looking ones:)

Then we went on to play the games.  All the rules are in the sticker book.  We played Scoring which was awesome!  You hold the Gogo's on your finger on the back of the Gogo and flip them.  Depending on how they land, is how many points you get. I was so amazed to hear my son adding up all the points as we went along.  I had no idea he could even do that!  Then we tried Bowling!  It is what the name sounds like. This was a blast.  We tried to follow the rules but after trying it, my son made up his own rules and we just went with them.  Next we will try Battle.  I hope I win;)

On April 9th Gogo's Crazy Bones and Walgreen's held the One Million Gogo's Giveaway!  The largest ever in Walgreen's History!  They gave away one Gogo per person at all Walgreen's in North America.  This giveaway was to help launch the limited edition "Miro-K" Gogo.  They placed 5,000 throughout the US and this was the one everyone wanted.  I was one of those people driving around trying to get my son the "Miro-K" but we had no such luck.  We did get some really cool ones though.

This is really a great toy that everyone in the family can have fun with!  Great for family game night or anytime.  We are bringing them with us on your upcoming cruise at my son's request.  The most wanted will be staying home though.  We don't want to lose those.

Gogo's are available in a lot of stores now like Toys R' Us, Walgreen's.  Check out their website for the location nearest you, for contests and other cool information - Gogo's Crazy Bones Website

*I was given samples of Gogo's Crazy Bones to review.  All opinions written are my own except for the facts.  They are direct from the Gogo Crazy Bones Press Release*


andrew said...

:) gogos are EPIC I LOVE THEM! right now i have about 90. i still want mosh,nasako, and fist.

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