Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Earth Day from Space! Pictures by @Astro_Ron.

Our Window on the Word - Happy Earth #FromSpace Day! #NASA
    Credit: NASA via Ron Garan/Astro Ron

How cool is this??!!??  Astronaut Ron Garan has been tweeting his pictures of Earth from Space!  He posted a lot from his travels around Earth on Earth Day yesterday.  They are amazing.  I have always been so fascinated by space and the stars.

Here are some more amazing shots from Ron Garan aka @Astro_Ron on Twitter.  Mr. Garan also blogs from space on

New Zealand.  This was @Astro_Ron's first twitpic from Space 7 days ago.

Beijing #FromSpace taken 4/19 @ 1823GMT #NASA

Happy Earth #FromSpace Day: 60 miles S of Addis Abab Ethiopia Taken @ GMT on 4/19 #EarthDay #NASA

Happy Earth #FromSpace Day: Looking West w/ Himalayas near horizon Taken @ GMT on 4/19 #EarthDay #NASA

The Earth is Alive @ Night! Happy Earth #FromSpace Day taken on 4/21 @ 2034GMT #EarthDay #NASA.  Check out Orion in the background:)

Source: Twitter via @Astro_Ron.  All photos taken by Ron Garan.


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