Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Update from my Preschool Post...

We got the call last night that our daughter got into the preschool we wanted!!!

I was getting very nervous but the director kept telling me to call and everytime I did, I was told to call back.  I thought that I was just getting the run around but I wasn't.  She was just really busy and gave first priority to the kids that already had siblings in the school.  She was having trouble contacting them all.

Not only did we get into this preschool, but we got the time slot we wanted!  YAY.

I was so excited for her!!

If you visit a school and get on their waiting list or any list, keep calling. Keep your name in their head.  Let them know how much you want their school and what a perfect fit it would be for your family.

Good Luck to all that are trying to find a school or on a waiting list.  I know what you are all going through.  Hang in there.  The perfect school for your child is out there.


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