Friday, February 18, 2011

Just made my first purchase through

We just redid our kitchen a few months ago.  We had a booth built and bought a new table, rug, and had cushions made for the booth.  Then of course I wasn't happy with the next room, the dinning room, so I moved around furniture and bought new drapes.  Then this went on through the entire first floor until we reached the foyer.

We had a big old desk in there that I HATED!!!  It was broken and just really beat up.  We took it from my husband's office.  (they gave it to us, we didn't steal it;)) lol  We decided that we needed a new desk.  We put the desk together and then of course I couldn't stop there.  Now I needed someplace to store our shoes.

That is when I came across CSN Stores OnlineCSN has over 200 websites in one, where you can find everything from an Eames Lounge Chair to Car Seats!

I did a search for entry way benches and they were one of the first sites to come up in my search.  I found one that I love and can't wait for it to come in.  It looks so nice!  They have a few options too with this bench called "Winsome-Verona Storage Bench with 3 Foldable Fabric Basket."  You can either get it with black baskets, beige baskets or they have a similar one with wicker baskets.

I love that CSN has free shipping on almost every item and free returns!  This was another reason we chose CSN.

Hopefully when this comes I will be done but who knows.  They also have outdoor furniture and outdoor toys for the kids that I was looking at.  The spring is coming soon...


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