Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip...

The Holiday Season is always the busiest on the road.  Everyone driving to see family and friends.  And having a great time while enjoying the road!

We love road trips.  I have a severe fear of flying ever since I was in High School.  It got worse as the years went on.  When I first started dating my husband, we decided to take a road trip to Walt Disney World.  That trip was a great.  We went on one more trip together before the kids to Hilton Head, SC.  This was a fantastic trip because we got engaged when we got down there on the beach!

But the best road trip we took was when we all went to Ogunquit, Maine.  We have been traveling there every summer but the first trip we took there as a complete family of four. This was last summer, summer of 2009!

It was so much fun!  My son was 3 and my daughter was 7 months old.  They were complete angels!  We brought the DVD player, some coloring books, crayons, and music and we were good to go.  The drive takes about 5 hours but it is a quick and easy drive.  We only had to stop once and that was to change the baby.  And we of course brought plenty of snacks!

The most exciting part of your road trips going to Maine are when we reach the Maine bridge.  That is when we realize that our vacation has started!!  Woohoo!!! And then the Ogunquit sign is the real deal sealer!

While we are there we love to take mini road trips.  We will take a trip up to Portland for the day.  Or we will take a ride to Kenebunkport for the day!  There is also a great mountain that you can climb to the top of with your car.  The view is amazing!

I love that we do this family road trip every summer.  Sometimes our friends and family come along!  I think everyone should do a road trip even if it is just a few hours away!  And the older they are getting, the easier they are becoming. Not as many bathrooms breaks, or "When we will be there" questions.  But each trip is just as special as the last.  Creating memories to last a lifetime.

I would love to see everyone's pictures from your family road trips!  And if you are traveling this Holiday Season, be safe and have fun!  And make sure you car is ready for the trip just as much as you are.  Gas it, get your oil change and check your tires.

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