Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long Island Mom x 2's Hot Holiday Toys 2010 Part 1!

I have been working on this list since the summer and have compiled what I think will be the Hot Toys for this year.  I also have tested out all of these toys so I know if they are a flop or not.  Times are tough and just because a site or person says they are a Hot Toy, doesn't mean that they are fun, great quality, well worth the money. I give my stamp of approval on all of the toys I will list!

This list is in no particular order and I will give the link to the product on Amazon because I just love Amazon! :)  This does not mean that they have the best price but it means that well, I love Amazon;) lol

If you see any of these toys in stores pick them up now.  They probably will sell out if they haven't already as we get closer to the Holiday's.  And before you go shopping, always search flyers and the web for coupons!

This is Part 1.  There will be 5 Parts with 10 Toys in each part.  In between I will write my reviews for some of the products on the list to help parents make a better choice on what to spend their money on.


MobiGo Touch Learning System

Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

Pop on Pals Amusement Park

Dance Star Mickey

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave

Tonka Chuck's Stunt Pack

Moxie Magic Hair Stamp 'n' Style Doll 
(Any Moxie Doll is Hot right now)

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby
Walk & Giggle Doll

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Gillian said...

Unrelated to this post - I received the Panko Breadcrumbs and Cookbook giveaway package and it is such a terrific prize! The Cookbook is gorgeous. Thank you!

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