Thursday, October 7, 2010

Claypot Scarecrow Kids Craft...

- 3 1/2” clay pot
- Acrylic paint: White, Red, Midnight Blue
- Doll head or small ceramic pumpkin
- red felt
- 4 blue pipecleaners
- Raffia: about 100 pieces, 2” long
- Craft Glue
-Permanent Craft Marker
How To a Claypot Scarecrow

  • Paint your 3 1/2 inch clay pot Midnight Blue - let dry
    Paint your doll head orange (or use a ceramic pumpkin as shown)
    Wrap strips of Raffia with blue pipecleaner. 
    (Two pipecleaners per arm) once you are done wrapping trim the "hands" with scissors to make them even.
    Cut a small triangle of red felt and glue to the inverted clay pot to create a bandanna
    Glue arms to inverted pot .
    Design a face on your scarecrow with a craft marker. (I had the children use simple circles for eyes, triangle nose and half circle mouth and circle cheeks.)
    Waste not those trimmed pieces from the "hands" glue them on for "hair"

  • OPTIONAL - add other fabric scraps for decor and a straw hat.


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