Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 Ways to Personalize your Holiday Cards...

It's that time of the year again!  Time to get the kids all dressed up in their Sunday Best and have their pictures taken!  Why not share those adorable pictures with your family and friends and have personalized photo cards made!

I love giving and receiving Personalized Cards!  I keep photo cards year after year so I can see how the children that I don't see often grow!  And I love getting to show off my cute kids!

PurpleTrail is a great website to make your Personalized Cards and they make it very user friendly to do so.  They also have a fantastic selection to choice from ranging in different sizes, design and number of photos you want added. And for a limited time, get Free Shipping on your Holiday Cards using code freeship456.

Here is a card I designed with last year's holiday photos with PurpleTrail:

5 Way to Personalize your Holiday Cards:

1. Take Pictures of the kids or family at your favorite spot.  If your family loves the beach, take your winter pictures at the beach! If you and your family love the park, take your Holiday photos at the park.

2. Think of a cute saying for your cards.  Last year, my son sat in front of the word "Joy" and my daughter "Love".  Then the last picture was of them both laughing together. The saying was written around that.  "I hope your Holiday is filled with Joy, Love and Laughter".

3. Have the kids coordinate outfits and even maybe add the family pet!  I love when the whole family matches their outfits.  Or when the entire family is in a white t-shirt and jeans.  Classic.

4.  Let the design also reflect your family style.  If your family is casual, contemporary, old fashioned, whimsical, let that show in your card.

5. Use a photo from a family vacation!  One year we went to Disney for Halloween.  We had a great photo taken of my son and Mickey Mouse!  We used that for our Christmas Card and added a Disney message to the card.  Or if you went to the beach for vacation, use that photo.  I had family members go to Hawaii one year and they had a beautiful portrait taken of them on the beach with the palm trees and the sun setting!  It was beautiful and was a beautiful Holiday card.

Have Fun with it!!

To Create a Holiday Card on PurpleTrail is easy!  Just create an account, pick a design you like, upload your photos and you are on your way!  There are so many options with PurpleTrail. You can change everything around!  You are your own Holiday Card maker:)  Or you can simply leave the beautiful designs alone and just add your own photos and greeting. It took me less then 5 mins to personalize the card below!

Photo is blurry because it was copied from PurpleTrail.  
Of course actual photo and card will be clear:)

This is not a paid post. By posting about PurpleTrail, I am eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code.


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