Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taco Night not in the House, on the Grill...

I love Tacos and Taco Night.  It is actually a meal we all enjoy even the kids.  But I HATE cooking the chop meat in the house.  I find it is so messy and I just didn't feel like dealing with it this night.  I decided to try and do it on the outside grill.  My husband told me I was nuts!!  He said it would never work and I shouldn't even bother but I was determined to make it work:)

I used the Ortega Grande Dinner Kit Hard & Soft Tacos and 2 lbs of chop meat.

We (I say we because I don't know how to turn it on but I did watch;)) turned on the grill to high.  Then when I was ready to cook, I turned it down to medium. (I'm not going to lie, I was afraid the pan was going to blow up or something if I kept it on high)

I used my Green Pan Frying Pan which I knew could take the heat since these pans are made to go in the oven at a higher heat then my grill.

I fried up the meat which took a little longer then usual but no mess and I got to sit outside and enjoy the weather while it was cooking!  I just kept stirring it.  It took about 15 mins.

After that was done I set it aside and put down the Reynold's Grilling Foil to heat the hard taco shells.  I closed the lid and that took no time at all.  I actually burned some they heated up super quick!  Just sit there and watch them, don't walk away and tend to the garden like I did!!  lol

The only thing that couldn't be done outside were the soft shells.  That is done in the microwave.

They tasted great and no mess in the house!!  Only 1 pan to clean since I used disposable for everything else.

So Tacos can be done on the Grill and I liked it better then inside on the stove:)  Try it, you might like it!!


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