Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of Preschool Teacher Craft - Baking Cup Flowers...

I wanted to have my son make something special for his preschool teachers.  They mean so much to him and have really helped come far this year.  I wanted to do more then just the group gift.  I saw somewhere a while ago ways to use baking cups.  One of them was to make flowers.  We decided to improvise and put together our own flowers and my son loves how they turned out:)

Here is what you need:

2 Baking Cups
1 Pom Pom (medium)(we liked how the glitter ones looked the best)
1 Pipe Cleaner
1 Small Pot
1 Sheet of Adhesive Foam
Fake Grass/Moss (optional)(anything can be added but we had some around the house so we used it)
1 small block of floral foam
Hot Glue Gun

To make 2 of these flower pots it cost me less then $15 at Michael's Craft Stores.  I already had the glue gun, the baking cups and the fake moss.  We bought a value bag of pipe cleaners that came with various Pom Poms and googly eyes for $4.99.  Great deal because those items always come in handy for craft or project time.  The pots were on clearance for $2.30 each.  And I bought one floral foam block that I cut into 2 pieces.  Also the sheet of adhesive foam was $0.99 and can be used again for other projects.

1. First we cut the foam block into 2 separate pieces and I hot glued one piece to the bottom of the pot.
2. Then my son picked out the pipe cleaner he wanted and stuck it into the center of the foam block.
3. On the top of the pipe cleaner I made it into a circle so it was easier and more secure to attach it to the baking cup flowers.

4. I traced triangles out in one of the baking cups and had my son cut them out.  Then I glued the cut out baking cup onto the whole one.
5. Then take a Pom Pom and glue it onto the center of the baking cups.
6. Glue the baking cup flower onto the pipe cleaner.
7. Take the foam sheet and cut out little leaves.  I cut out 4 of them.  I took 2 and put them back to back around the pipe cleaner, twice so they would stay on.
8. Lastly, add the fake grass/moss.

Easy Peasy as my son would say! lol  I am bad at giving directions but just by looking at the pictures, it is pretty self explanatory:)


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