Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turn your child's art projects into a photo book!

Every year I say I am going to do this and I never do!  This year is different.  I save everything that my son makes or does in preschool but it is becoming a lot to hold on to.  We just don't have the space.  I want to make a photo book with all of his art projects that he makes.  It is really easy but when I finally decide to do it or get around to it, it is at the end of the year and the task at hand seems daunting.

This year I am going to start right away.  If I keep up on it, it will be so much easier.

What you do it simply take pictures of all your child's art for the year.  Then upload them to your favorite photo book website.  For instance Clark Color or Kodak.  Date it and put what grade your child is in.  Then save only a few in their keepsake box, folder.

Fast, simple and a great idea to help preserve those projects and declutter your house:)

This one is from Mile High Mamas.  This is my ultimate goal!


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