Monday, June 14, 2010

My Review of L'oreal Touch-On Highlights...

I always have had blonde highlights in the past during the summer months done by a salon. Things have changed since the 2 kids and I have been trying to dye my own hair but had yet to find a good product for highlights. I have dark brown hair and the highlight products were just not strong enough for my hair coloring.

Out comes L'oreal Touch-On Highlights and a $3 off coupon I figure what the heck, it's just hair, let's have some fun And for $9.99 perfect!

It is very simple directions and very simple to mix. It is blue dye so it helps you see where you are putting it. It comes with a little blue fingertip comb that you dip into the dye. Seems simple, no. It doesn't really get a lot of dye on it so you really have to dip it in more like a spoon and spoon it out. It got a little tricky when I had to do the right side with my right hand (because I am right-handed) and it was getting a little tangled but I was getting the dye on and that was my goal at the moment

I did chunkier patches because that is what I prefer. Do with it what you will.

I checked after the recommended 15 mins and it was not light enough. My hair is dark so I guessed it would take longer then the min time. I then checked back in at the maximum amount of time of 30 mins. Looked ok.

Washed it out, used Step 3 Conditioner the kit comes with and blew my hair dry.

It came out better then expected but nothing compared to a salon. It is very brassy and in the directions it states that they sell a product to take the brassy out but I think I will just see what happens in the next few days.

School is out and I am going to be home this week so not many people will see me

All and all I would try this product again but I would do thinner pieces of hair and really make sure that I get the dye on the entire strip of hair. I might also try a step down in color.

Here are some pictures from along the way:


Paige said...

Looks great! Thanks for a full review with pictures.

Anonymous said...

what shade did you use?

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