Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Few More Worst Travel Fears...

So, I realized in follow up to my previous post about my "5 Worst Travel Fears" that I have some more and they may not be necessarily for me but fears of others.

As I said before Growing up we traveled a lot. My Dad always taught us to get Travel Insurance because you never knew. Most trips are booked so far in advance, things come up, illness, job, etc. and it is good to be prepared.

I can't say enough how important Insurance is either for Business Trips, School Trips, Family Vacations, or a little bit of all vacations/trips.

More of Worst Travel Fears:

1. Business Meeting Cancelled

2. Summer School - What if you plan a trip for the summer and you find out your child has to go to mandatory summer school?

3. Traffic - It happened to us, we almost missed our cruise because our flight was cancelled the morning that the cruise was to leave. So we took a flight to the closest place we could get to then rented a car. My Dad drove all day to get us to the port but there was so much traffic we almost missed the ship. As we were pulling up to the port, the warning horn blew that it was about to leave. After that, my parents never booked a flight the morning a cruise was to leave.

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