Monday, October 3, 2011

National “Rock Your Socks” Day – Friday, October 21st!

LittleMissMatched is a tween girls clothing & accessories company – with a store now at Roosevelt Field & Smith Haven Mall.  They are excited to declare: National “Rock Your Socks” Day – Friday, October 21st

With more and more tweens being bullied to conform, our nation is at a cross roads.  One road leads to the dull: a place where we all part our hair on the same side, where we all eat vanilla icecream, where we all wear matching socks.  Another road leads to creativity & self-expression...where we are free to be YOU and ME!

National “Rock Your Socks” Day Friday, October 21st is a day where “kids” of all ages (1-101!) are encouraged to free their feet and rock their crazy socks as a symbol of creativity. 

In celebration of National “Rock Your Socks” Day, throughout the month of SOCKtober (October), LittleMissMatched will be donating funds to support creative projects in local schools across the country through  From earthworm gardens to tumbling mats, classic novel collections to theatre supplies, LMM will support kid’s creativity everywhere!  Visit for the list of schools they are supporting in your area!


4rx said...

Wonderful, here in Connecticut many people was celebrating this too and is really nice to find out many people with some different costumes and learn them.

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