Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CLEAN+GREEN® natural pet stain and odor removers at Duane Reade.

From October 22-28, CLEAN+GREEN® natural pet stain and odor removers will be on sale in all Duane Reade locations. Be sure to pick up any can of CLEAN+GREEN® on sale for just $3.99. Reg. price $5.99, you save $2!

Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor removers use a patented Advanced Encapsulation Technology(tm) and an Advanced Eliminator3 Formula that naturally encapsulate and eliminate stain and odor on contact - even skunk odor! - by naturally biodegrading the stain/odor source. The all-natural formula delivers instant results in a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. Ingredients include cane sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose, purified water and a natural aerosol propellant (nitrogen). For more information, please visit


xlpharmacy said...

I think that it is great that there is a product like that. Because I am pretty obsess with cleaning and I want that everything is cleaned.

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