Thursday, May 19, 2011

5th Birthday Planning Mode!! Part 1 - The Favor...

Formal Night on our May 2011 Cruise.
I really cannot believe that my little boy will be 5 next week.  I know everyone says that but where does the time really go???  He is such a sweet, loving, kind, funny, smart kid and we are truly blessed with both of our children!  It is so sad to think he will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall:(

That being sad, I LOVE BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!  I am a planning a birthday party a holic.  I love really getting into the theme!  I want every aspect of the party to scream, SESAME STREET, BLUES CLUES, OUTDOOR FUN, CARS, WINTER ONEDERLAND, OLIVIA, STAR WARS!!

My favorite, favorite part about party planning, the favor!!  Go big or go home is my motto.  But I don't mean get the kids a giant playhouse or swing set.  I mean really think about the quality of the favor and have it match the theme in some way or another.

I love to have favors made for the kids.  I rather spend my money on favors that the kids will enjoy and love then spend money on favors that will break in 2 seconds.  Etsy and local vendors are always my go to people.  On Etsy, those people can make anything you want!!!  If you see something that looks remotely like something you want, email them and they can probably make exactly what you want.  Know someone local, that saves on shipping and plus you can help a local vendor in their business endeavor.  

These are the favors I had made from Etsy for my daughter's Olivia Themed Party:

And here are some favors & decorations that I had made from a women, Valerie from Do Me A Favor who is a local vendor:

I love having my favors match in some way or another to the theme.  Add a favor tag or sticker to match the theme.  If you are having an Olivia Theme, get the girls crowns and striped leggings.  If you are having a Carnival Party get the kids popcorn and cotton candy or red clown noses and a ring toss game.   Money is tight so don't waste it on favors that have no purpose.  Don't get toys that are boring, or things that will be thrown out at the end of the car ride home or candy that cannot be eaten by a 2 year old.  Put thought into it.  

While looking through Etsy I found a women that hand makes lightsabers and personalizes them.  AWESOME!!  If I already didn't get the kids favors, this would have been perfect.  And then the kids would have only gotten this.  See, I am not saying that you have to get them a ton of stuff, but quality is important!

I also love to really pay attention to how the favor is presented.  For instance, one year Do Me A Favor decorated a Shovel & Pail to hold the favors for our Blues Clues Party.  Another year I made all the kids felt bags and personalized them.  This year I am having someone make bags that look like Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.

I am in no way a favor snob.  I will not go to your party and make fun of whatever favor you choose.  I just think that people leave this as a last minute thing and it should be a priority in planning in my opinion.  Besides all the fun the kids had, this will be the next thing that they will leave with and remember.

If anyone needs any help searching for the perfect favor, let me know!!  I love this sort of stuff:)


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