Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Review of Nassau Chemists' Diaper Comfort Cream...

A few months ago when the warm weather started I was so excited to see a popular diaper company come out with fashionable diapers. I thought that they would be so cute in the summer when we around the house or when my daughter, 17 months, wears a little dress. Great, good, I go buy them with my coupons and so excited that I get them on sale.

I put them on my daughter a few times here and there and not for long periods of time. One day we had to go to the stores and she had one on for awhile. Long story short, she got a chemical burn from them. You could actually see the outline of the diaper burned on her little skin:( This is very rare I was told by the company, so I was fully reimbursed.

But in the meantime, my daughter was in excruciating pain!! I had to give her Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling and tried every cream I could get my hands on in the stores and even one prescribed to her. Nothing was working. She wouldn't sleep, sometimes she would just stand there because the pain was so bad. I felt awful.

I was doing a search on a parenting website I frequent and someone suggested a diaper cream called Diaper Comfort made by Nassau Chemists' in Baldwin, NY. It worked for her daughter when she got a chemical burn from another well known diaper company so it was worth a shot.

I called the number and the man that makes the cream and invented it answered the phone and took my order. Such a nice man. He explained to me that he made it for his children 42 years ago and now he has 5 grandchildren that also used the cream. He has shipped it all over the world including Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Germany, Great Britain, South America and of course the US.

I received it a few days later and within 2 days, the burn was cleared!!! I was told to put it on thick until it goes away and then everyday apply a thinner layer to protect her skin. I was so happy!! Thank goodness I bought 2 jars:) Unfortunately she has a scar where the burn was but at least the pain and swelling went away fast thanks to this miracle cream. It is a nice thick consitency and goes on so smooth.

Here are a few facts about Diaper Comfort:

-Cortisone Free
-Preservative Free
-Fragrance Free
-Zinc Oxide is the main ingredient
-Magic Barrier Ointment Base

Diaper Comfort costs $12 for a 2 1/3 oz jar. It can be ordered several ways. Visit their website for more information. Diaper Comfort or contact Nassau Chemists' at (516) 223-3333.

Give it a try. You won't be sorry:)


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